In your talk today, you fully captivated the entire audience and me. Thank you for the enlightening and inspiring workshop today which I enjoyed thoroughly. I would like to build up a relation with your organization in training and motivating our employee team (which is a small and core team in Dubai). We are a real estate developer based in India and Dubai with operations in Australia as well. We are a part of “Wadhawan” group of India having companies such as “Dewan Housing Finance Limited” and “Dheeraj Realty” as our flagship companies. In Dubai we are the largest Indian real estate developer and are present since 2006 which means that we have seen the peak and the bottom of the market and survived it. I need to motivate the team now after the tough times and would like you to propose a offsite weekend workshop module involving the entire team.  Please b kind enough to send me a detailed proposal as you may deem fit. Also send a profile of your organization to get me a Corporate approval on it. Thank you once again and look forward to work with you.