This is a summary of some of the experiences in which 10 of our high potential senior managers from different departments participated in your course in enriching their financial understanding.These participants came from departments like sales, commercial, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing. The MOTIVALUATE course helped them understand various financial concepts including cash flows, profitability and interpreting financial statements which led them to make more informed decisions. The content was very interactive with lots of case studies and real life experiences & the facilitator Mr. Shridhar made the concepts very simple to understand. The participants mentioned that it became much easier for them to strike a valuable conversation with the finance teams and they could communicate with them at the same platform. Lot of partners can offer relevant content however the proof is in the pudding. Post the course all the participants were split in four groups and they were asked to work on a business challenge which we had. These projects took 6 to 8 weeks and resulted in 2 out 4 groups showing a clear ROI in terms of financial savings of 10% -14%. The groups countinued their learning journey in their day to day interactions and decision making. As a Learning solutions provider, MOTIVALUTE has shown value in the courses it ran for our company and as result we continued to engage with them on other leadership interventions.