We add value to our clients in the following four ways

E & E Partnership

We bring to the table people with expertise and business experience, who work with you collaboratively to shape or rethink how learning happens in your organization. We don’t have all the answers. With our experience and expertise informed by your institutional understanding, together we can craft the right solutions for you needs.

Business Outcome Focus

We take the time to listen and to understand your needs and your situation. That allows us to help you develop your people in the context of addressing your specific business problems and opportunities. We use education to enable solutions to your toughest issues.

Flexibility & Focus

We draw on vast experience learning methods and an extensive network of professionals. We select the elements that best match your challenges, culture and budget and blend them into a fully integrated experience.

Local Expertise, Global Experience

Our perspective is global and our clients are drawn from around the region. At the same time our goal is to operate with local sensitivity everywhere. We have delivered programs in GCC countries, North and South Africa, Southern Europe, South and South-east Asia.


What our Customers say

Overall a very good program – I understood the basic concepts of how to finance, how to run a company financially sound with budget management and cost cutting – Shridhar’s style was very enjoyable – I recommend it for executives working in today’s competitive world

V. Jayamohan
Galfar al Misnad

Shridhar’s Financial Leadership & Excellence program was Interactive, Interesting and enjoyable.  Appropriate course content ensure that it was enjoyable and I got a lot of value from it.    In short It was a very excellent, stimulating program done in two days time.

Project Manager Galfar / Al Misnad

I have the highest regard for Shridhar's abilities as a speaker, trainer and speech coach. Hearing Shridhar in front of an audience motivates me to improve my own speaking abilities. Shridhar personifies excellence in every aspect of his work. I recommend him highly to any company or individual who wants quality instruction and/or mentoring in public speaking, presentation and leadership skills.

Christine Coombe

Shridhar is an excellent communicator. He is a master at developing an impactful presentation and delivering it with a punch. I commend him to anyone that is looking for a dynamic and energetic presenter or a mentor for improving communication skills in any organization.

Ron Deville
Operations Support Team Leader / Petrofac

Shridhar is gifted with that unique quality to move people with his words. When he speaks, he touches your heart and makes you think. An Inspirational Entertainer who adds value to your time.

RK Nair
Area Sales Manager / York International

On behalf of Supply Chain, I would like to take the opportunity to extend our appreciations for the role you played during our function.  We truly enjoyed your company and most of all the interactive session you had with all our employees. It was conducted professionally along with great sense of humor  which really made it enjoyable and went extremely well with the event

A.W. Al Madani
Senior Manager, Supply Chain Supply Department / Dubai Aluminium Company Limited ("DUBAL")

It was truly an exciting experience being in class again, and enjoyable, being tutored by a teacher who brings well- rounded strategy and world class execution method to deliver that experience.

Mr. Arun Krishnan

Very happy with the team building training program conducted by motivaluate and would express in one word “The Excellent”

Satish Mungse
Process analyst/ Quality Enterprises / Al Naboodah

Very happy with the Team Building training conducted by motivaluate, where all the employees are working in one team with good internal communication

Mr. Milind Deshmukh

This is to express my appreciation to Motivaluate’s excellent training, which gave me new breakthroughs in the world of finance. I was looking for a short crash course in the world of finance and you made it happen. The one-day masterclass on “Findamentals of Business finance” gave me new insights and deep dive into intricacies of the financial terminologies and details. Thank you very much to Shridhar and motivaluate for such a remarkable session. Keep up the great work!

Badal Dixit

Accounts for me was limited to only profits and loss figures in the accounts statements until I attended the on day finance masterclass. Your depth in knowledge and vast experience in the subject of finance which you shared with us was extremely useful. Your teaching method so simple that a person with no knowledge of accounts could also understand and implement. After the class I did go back and study the audit report for the last year which was until that moment geek to me. The figures suddenly made sense and made me rethink on certain strategies to be implemented. I heartfelt thank you and looking forward to attending and recommending your masterclass programmes to all my clients, friends and family

Bhawana Satwani

In your talk today, you fully captivated the entire audience and me. Thank you for the enlightening and inspiring workshop today which I enjoyed thoroughly. I would like to build up a relation with your organization in training and motivating our employee team (which is a small and core team in Dubai). We are a real estate developer based in India and Dubai with operations in Australia as well. We are a part of “Wadhawan” group of India having companies such as “Dewan Housing Finance Limited” and “Dheeraj Realty” as our flagship companies. In Dubai we are the largest Indian real estate developer and are present since 2006 which means that we have seen the peak and the bottom of the market and survived it. I need to motivate the team now after the tough times and would like you to propose a offsite weekend workshop module involving the entire team.  Please b kind enough to send me a detailed proposal as you may deem fit. Also send a profile of your organization to get me a Corporate approval on it. Thank you once again and look forward to work with you.

Sailesh Jatania
Chief Executive Officer

Had a tense but exciting, exhilarating, enjoyable, entrepreneurial experience filled three days at Strategic Decision Making Workshop conducted by Dubai based Motivaluate Consulting & Training FZ LLC exclusively for Al Mulla Group senior employees. Hats off to Shridhar Sampath!!, Whom I had trained as a senior more than 25 years back during my CA days. Seeing how well he has grown up in the past 25 years, I feel very proud that I sowed the seeds of his brilliance with my assignment of adding the telephone numbers in the Telephone Directory

Ramanujam Sathyamurthy

“Al Mulla Group, Kuwait had 3 full day program (8-10/11/2012) conducted by Shridhar on the topic Strategic Initiatives & Business Acumen participated by 30 Members . It was very thought provoking cutting across all segments of business and was really fantastic. The way Shridhar conducted this program was excellent. The simulation technique helps to emphasize the areas that requires constant improvement from the existing level. I strongly recommend that every organization should conduct similar programs to all the Functional Managers to get the benefit. I wish him all the very best and looking forward for more interesting topics. God Bless!!!

Raghu Vedhamoorthy
Financial Controller / Al Mulla Group, Kuwait

I really thank you in person as I could bridge lot of gap which I was experiencing earlier while delivering the complete business results. My knowledge was focused on a particular segment of business earlier and now I feel, a completness after your workshop. -  I will work on thisstrength continuously  and Thanks a lot once again.  Also I would like to thank my Management to provide me such great opportunity which will surely add value to our operations.

Pradeep Kumar
Parts Manager / Al Mulla Group, Kuwait

Successfully helped the FLC team understand the importance of leadership, self- drive, motivation, passion and ultimately how to unite to achieve common goals. We have learnt from your wisdom, experience & knowledge and will now apply them in our roles to help manage our teams and goals as more clear, competent, competitive, and collaborative leaders.

FLC Team

It was amazing class and best learning experience for all of us . Really enjoyed after seeing result.  Hail Andrew !!! hahaha

Kumar Rohit
Lead Surveyor / Project Manager / American Beareu of shipping

Thanks a lot, Prof. I am certain that one would get goosebumps remembering those four days of simulation. One of the most gratifying experiences coupled with immense learning

Harshit Sharma

Eco your comments Prof Shridhar Sampath. Thank you for the exciting finale in our learning journey .All the best for Motivaluate .!

Ajay Mabian
Senior Principle Manager / Emerson Automation Solutions

Without a shadow of doubt, the best 4 days of the entire EMBA journey. Intense.. Thanks for your insights along the way.

Elvin John
DeltaV Marketing Manager / Emerson Process Management

This is a summary of some of the experiences in which 10 of our high potential senior managers from different departments participated in your course in enriching their financial understanding.These participants came from departments like sales, commercial, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing. The MOTIVALUATE course helped them understand various financial concepts including cash flows, profitability and interpreting financial statements which led them to make more informed decisions. The content was very interactive with lots of case studies and real life experiences & the facilitator Mr. Shridhar made the concepts very simple to understand. The participants mentioned that it became much easier for them to strike a valuable conversation with the finance teams and they could communicate with them at the same platform. Lot of partners can offer relevant content however the proof is in the pudding. Post the course all the participants were split in four groups and they were asked to work on a business challenge which we had. These projects took 6 to 8 weeks and resulted in 2 out 4 groups showing a clear ROI in terms of financial savings of 10% -14%. The groups countinued their learning journey in their day to day interactions and decision making. As a Learning solutions provider, MOTIVALUTE has shown value in the courses it ran for our company and as result we continued to engage with them on other leadership interventions.

Mr Jiten Puri
Head of Talent Management / AUJAN COCA-COLA Beverages Company

Thanks to Mr. Shridhar for conducting the customer service simulation. It gave an opportunity to understand the key drivers and decisions required to lead a successful business. All in all, highly recommended for aspiring entrepreneurs to participate in this brain stimulating simulations

Arti Thanki
Head of debit & prepaid cards / Emirates NBD

I love the design and application of the simulation. Its modern and simple. The simulation took me through various subjects and applications I studied in past 18 months hence it was relatable. Plus the experience of handling different departments of a company (RnD, Marketing, Finance and Production) from a management perspective was quite thrilling and intense. I, in particular like the way reports are generated with great amount of detail since it gives away almost all information about what your competition is up to, the team did a great job by actually going through every detail of the software on how it works and how we can maximize the opportunity of handling all the 4 departments.

Jumana Kutbuddin
Senior Relationship Manager / Indusind Bank Ltd

It's a jewel in the crown of the entire program. Realigned the learnings and facilitated the application of the learnings throughout the program. Simulation game solving business puzzles with connecting the dots of the overall learnings. Feel the accomplishment of a business graduate at the end of the course..thoroughly enjoyed.

Rajesh Kumar Ganesan
Financial Crime Compliance Senior Digital Analyst / Standard Chartered Bank

It was indeed one of the best learning experiences for me/us! Thank you so much, Prof Shridhar Sampath for the guidance, insights and advice.

Rosielyn Yabes
Real Time Analyst (Associate) / DBS Bank

First of all, thank you very much for such a fantastic workshop. It was very informative. The simulation and participants’ involvement made it more interesting. I really learnt and understood many concepts which I see that we could apply in our business

Ashwini Gharpure
Finance Manager / Sportfloor Middle East

The two days “Maximize your Cash Flow” session is a real eye opener.  We learned a lot and will apply in our business straightaway

R. Chandrasekar
Operations Director / Adventrix Signs

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the  Cash  Flow  maximization  workshop  and it was of great value to me and will soon be to Ferrofab as well. There are processes which we tend to give a blind eye to and your workshop was an eye opener in identifying and  correcting them. One main difficulty is that we are so busy trying to ‘manage’ our cash flow that we completely overlook ways to ‘maximize’ it

Melroy Moraes
Finance department / Ferrofab

Thank you for the excellent program on the Cash flow and you have taught us to understand the basics of financial management with practical situations in a manufacturing industry. The Simulation Module is a fantastic tool to check our skills on managing different aspects of a process and decisions in the industry . Overall it is an eye opener and we hope we will use it effectively in our company.

Ramesh Babu

Thank you for your program, it was an excellent program. A real eye-opener. I have planned a few things which I would like to implement

Ajay Rajan
Business Development manager / Global Success Systems

Thank you for the very powerful sessions

George Thomas

It was like a voyage of self discovery to understand that personal growth is always enhanced by allowing others to grow, we need to overcome our perceive insecurities and learn to delegate work effectively to our subordinates. It made us realise how important it is to under-stand the maturity and skilled levels of a team members and subsequently enable them to move to the cycle of growth and move ourselves to become an effective manager. I personally feel that over a period of time this workshop will surely boost our transition from just being managers to becoming effective managers and leaders. Thanks Shridhar and my colleagues who was with me throughout the entire workshop, it was indeed a very nice experience to learn management skills and to realise that we too can become a great leader, Managers and can make a positive difference to our colleagues.

Smita Mehta
Finance Controller / Al Huzaifa Furniture

The entire simulation made it easy to understand aspects of business that i was never been exposed to for a very long time. It was an experience which was very addictive and excited. My goal was to understand business strategy which was very well achieved. It ex-posed me to aspects of Business management that helped me understand overall strategy and one thing was very enlightening with what was the impact of a lost opportunity. We are not a production company but a service oriented company but the kind of strategy that i thought and learned over here has helped me drill this that the strategy is going to be to create amazing experi-ences and that is extremely important. 

Moiz Sitabkhan

Mr. Shridhar Sampath is a very good Motivational coach and overall the Management Development Program has been a really good learning experience. I will definitely transfer my learning’s to others and transform them to actions, things have already started with my current jobs and results awaited in the coming months. Thank you once again.

Jagdish Rai
Finance Manager / FerroFab

And now after the completion of this MDP course we will be endowed and rise the bar however difficult and achieve challenges. We feel equipped with this rich load of learning experience, Thank you so much Shridhar Sampath.

Syed Abdhaheer
Warehouse Manager / Al Huzaifa Furniture

I am grateful to Mr. Shridhar for having me on this Leadership challenge course because there are many values I have learnt from this session with the Five Practices which is not only useful at work place but even in my family and also outside in the community. I thank Shridhar for have making these session fun filled but educational. I left feeling as if I have uplifted myself to an aspiring and a motivated person. So I thank you for unveiling the hidden talents within me and helping me to become a more vibrant person.

Olive Pinto
Executive Assistant / Freightworks

It was truly an inspiring programme. It is one of two programmes that I have attended in my whole professional career that has had a pro-found effect on my thinking and understanding of the true essence of what is required of a person in order to be an exceptional leader of people. I particularly thrived on the way the programme was delivered with the interjections of experiential learning and activities to reiterate the learning; with impact. I also enjoyed the fact that the content was practical and that I was excited to go back to my work place after each day’s delivery to implement and put into practice what we had learnt. The Vision, Mission & Values particularly gave me that direction that I was lacking in my management of my team. Really inspirational and rich content and I would recommend the programme to others. I would be delighted to be a referral to others of the programme

Michelle Mcgloughlin
Senior Training Manager / Aggreko