Human Resources

We help companies save money by increasing the efficiency of their workforce.

The volatile business environment has pressured Human Resources and other business functions to pursue substantial cost reduction without sacrificing service quality. In this context, many organizations have turned to HR outsourcing as a means to “do more with less.” While businesses have long used HR outsourcing for specific activities such as payroll and benefits administration, recent years we have seen HR outsourcing occupy a broader role in the operations and strategic plans of leading companies. For enterprises undertaking or considering HR outsourcing, the critical question is how to get the most benefit from the initiative in terms of efficiency, savings, and service delivery quality.


  • Focus on corporate goals
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Free up time to implement strategic HR initiatives
  • Streamlining and increasing efficiency for time-consuming activities
  • Lower and control costs
  • Improve ROI


  • Organize around core competencies
  • Reallocate internal resources
  • Grow faster and become more profitable
  • Gain access to experienced service professionals
  • Minimize capital investments
  • Eliminate investment obsolescence
  • Reduce overall cost of doing business
  • Gain a higher level of service at a lower cost

Training Administration

Customizable Services to meet your unique training needs

What does this mean for you? Contracting with single-point providers involves negotiating with myriad companies, each offering a specific service such as administration, course material, virtual training, classroom rentals, accommodations and transportation, or whatever else you need. That is very inefficient, to say the least. When you make Motivaluate the single-source provider of all your training outsourcing services, we eliminate the difficulty and inconvenience of dealing with multiple vendors, while delivering a coordinated, successful programs.


  • Training Is Our Core Competency
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Quicker Time-to-Market
  • Less Risk
  • Cost Savings

Our Offerings

  • Scheduling all training need analysis
  • Prepare marketing training opportunities to target learner groups.
  • Distributing pre-work and training materials to the assigned employee
  • Maintaining inventory of all training materials.
  • Managing all trainers schedules.
  • Recording and tracking assessment results and proving KHDA certification programs.
  • Preparing and distributing follow-up work, post-assessments, and certificates.
  • Arranging learner support and coaching sessions as requested.
  • Managing and distributing regular usage and progress reports to your management team