From Leadership to Culture, Strategy to Performance

we help transform your business.

Learning & Development

We focus on empowering your greatest asset – your people – with Leadership, Strategy and Performance skills and develop a High performance culture.

Selecting from a broad range of alternatives – including technologies, learning methods and educators – Motivaluate partners with you to create a development intervention that best suits your objectives, business outcomes, culture and budget.

Whether its face- to-face, virtual or a blend of both, Motivaluate has a history of innovation in moving program participants through the process of conceptual understanding to actual behavioral change in the workplace.

Corporate Advisory Services

At the heart of Motivaluate, we consult with you to help transform your organization.

Whether it is Operations, HR, Finance, Lean management, our Consulting professionals are deeply knowledgeable people with a broad range of experience in Leadership, Strategy, HR, Finance and how it all comes together to deliver value to your business.

We come to the table ready to share our points of view and to work collaboratively with you to create answers to your challenges.

Motivaluate Talks

Our team of people also excel at delivering motivational talks to your people in short-capsules to keep them engaged and driven to succeed.

Leadership Transformation

The Leadership Challenge is about how leaders mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done. It’s about the practices leaders use to transform values into actions, visions into realities, obstacles into innovations, separateness into solidarity, and risks into rewards. It’s about a climate in which people turn challenging opportunities into remarkable successes.

Program Benefits and Goals
  • Develop and communicate a Vision/Mission/Strategy for their individual divisions, departments and teams
  • Get all members of their team to share a common set of values to enable achievement of goals
  • Challenge the existing people and their processes to achieve breakthrough results
  • Enable them to act in an environment of trust so that can innovate and improvise thus adding exponential value
  • Empower their people on a day to day basis so that they feel encouraged, enriched and recognised
Program Features
  • Assessment : Pre-program and post program assessment of participants
  • Methodology : Experiential, case study based and workshop oriented
  • Continuity and ongoing engagement : Participants will benefit from on-going engagement that will help them hone and perfect their learning

Leadership Challenge Workshop

The Leadership Challenge ( is the result of over 35 years of research by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner of the University of Santa Clara. After conducting over five thousand interviews and over three million LPI assessments, the ongoing evidence based research derived the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership which drives sustainable growth within organizations. Drawing extensively from the evidence based research, the interactive seminar will help participants to understand the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership as derived by the authors.

Strategy Transformation

Success in business begins with strategy. It can only be achieved, however, through the inevitable compromises and trade-offs inherent in the decisions managers make every day on finance, operations, marketing and more.

To grasp how the individual parts of a business impact the entire organization, nothing beats the experience of running a business in a competitive marketplace. Capstone® provides that experience—without the real-world risk—along with the opportunity to practice the financial, intellectual, and human skills required for successful business management.

Program Benefits and Goals
  • Strategic Business decision making skills – experience the impact of Strategy on Business
  • Build business acumen
  • Effective Execution of Strategy
  • Understand business finance –
  • How to Become Customer centric & Eliminate Competition
  • Business Leadership skills
  • Learn to communicate effectively in the language of business
Program Features
  • Assessment : Pre-program and post program assessment of participants
  • Methodology : Experiential, case study based and workshop oriented
    Intensive : practice with instant feedback helps build mastery
  • Out box thinking : An unfamiliar business model opens minds to fresh thinking
  • Powerful debrief : Debriefs target your business model to bring the lessons home
  • Real life scenarios : Benchmarks reflect your company’s strategic continuity and ongoing engagement

Business Performance Transformation


Leadership and Strategy mean nothing if they are not backed up by impeccable performance.  Most leaders struggle and strategies fail when performance is not aligned.  At Motivaluate we help organizations deliver breakthrough performance.

Program Features

We follow a 5 D methodology as below :

Diagnose – We consult with you to diagnose the real issues that impact performance

Discover – We work closely with you and bring to bear our years of expertise and experience to discover the appropriate solutions to your performance issues

Design – We create a tailor-made solution that works for your organization

Deliver – Working closely with stakeholders, we execute the solution and stay relentless until results are achieved

Demonstrate – We establish clear ROI metrics and help organizations realise returns on their transformational interventions

We have executed several solutions for our clients.  Some are mentioned below :

Consulting solutions
HR and Operational policies and procedures review and re-design
Business process re-engineering
Consulting solutions
Leadership coaching to CEOs and CXOs
Public speaking and presentation skills to Senior leaders
Learning solutions
Lean Sigma
Sales mastery
Team success
Finance for Non-finance
Budgeting & Cost control
Communication skills
MS Office skills

Business Culture Transformation


They say “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”.  We specialize in helping organizations transform themselves into a high-performance culture that helps the organization sustain growth and re-invent itself across business cycles

Program Features 

Diagnose – we consult with you to diagnose the current culture within the company including culture assessments, interviews and focus group discussions

Discover – we work closely with key stakeholders to define the future desired state

Design – we help co-create a values-based organization charter

Deliver – working closely with stakeholders and employes, we deploy an array of interventions to help everyone in the company imbibe the organizational culture

Demonstrate – we establish clear ROI metrics and help organization realise returns on their transformational intervention