Management Cornerstone

Business Strategy & Execution


Upon successful completion of this course the participant shall be able to:

Strategic decision making and thinking – understanding the importance of building a robust strategy and the underlying critical decisions to make it successful

Competence in analytical skills – how to understand and implement strategic profitable business models by understanding the impact of the decisions on the financial performance of the organization as a whole and on their respective departmental kPI’s and how they all fit into the big picture

Cross-functional alignment – how to harness cross-functional contributions to a common strategy; working closely as teams across various functional areas, aligning the various teams from a strategic business standpoint and synergizing between the functional areas

Team dynamics – how to manage teams and build the team to understand the strategy and decision making and

Leadership & Communication – learning how to lead teams and communicate effectively in the language of business


Course outline

  • Introduction: capstone business simulation
  • Understanding industry and market research reports. Analyze internal functional reports of the organization – strategy creation
  • Business planning & forecasting, innovation, R&D
  • Marketing – planning, forecasting sales, pricing strategies in different markets
  • Operations and production planning Financial planning
  • Importance of execution & alignment to strategy
  • Connecting the dots – bring the simulation to life with real life case studies

Program Duration

4 day program: 32 hours

Who should attend

Managers, directors, VPs, senior executives in a strategic decision-making role

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