What can we do for you? Would you like us to

Inspire your people towards success?

Motivational keynote talks  to enhance employee engagement

Challenge you and your team to achieve breakthrough results?

Coaching and consulting services to Senior executives on Leadership, Strategy, Performance & Culture

Empower your team with the mindset and skills to deliver more with less?

Training solutions to transform Leadership, Strategy, Performance

Transform all employees towards your Values, Vision and Mission

Coaching, Training and consulting services to everyone in the company to align them towards a High Performance culture

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Who we are

We are a GCC based firm delivering corporate and individual learning & development and consulting solutions. We help our clients achieve breakthrough results in profits, cash flow and growth through people development to implement strategies and drive success.

That is, we focus on developing the capabilities an organization’s people who need to address real-world challenges, attain specific business objectives and drive cash flows, profits and growth – higher, faster, and stronger.  In short, we help our clients sell more, save more, earn more and grow more.

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Our Growth Story

We are different

A client once asked us, “Why should we engage you instead of the top consulting companies”.

Our prompt response was :

  • Passion – we are guided by passion to serve our clients,
  • Performance – we always deliver more than what our clients expect and go the extra mile, and
  • Integrity – we promise what we can deliver and deliver more than what we promise.

Why Choose Us ?

We are a blend of a business experts and educators – but distinct from both. From our educator heritage, we offer a experiential, thoughtful and stimulating forum for safe and open expression; and from the business world, we bring solution – driven focus to client service based on our years of experience.

Our Core Purpose and Values


We exist every day to Inspire people, challenge mindsets, empower people and culturally transform teams and organizations to deliver better results


We always exceed the expectations of  our clients and consumers

Our Experts

Shridhar Sampath

He is the founder and General Manager of Motivaluate Consulting & Training FZ LLC, a company that offers a unique combination of business and financial consultancy services.

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Udaikumar Madhavan

He comes with an extensive HR experience of over 27 years in the United Arab Emirates.  With a graduation in Economics and an MBA in Human Resources his experience spans around the banking, construction and retail industry.

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