Capstone Business Simulation by CAPSIM
First and Unique Workshop for Business Owners, CEO/General Managers, Business Unit Heads, Operational Managers, Profit Centre Managers.

CAPSTONE Business Simulation

Participants will walk away with the following Learning Objectives:

Strategic Leadership Skills

  • Understand the importance of focus in strategic implementation
  • Choose the right tactics to support strategic intent
  • Stay on strategy under pressure in a fast-paced, competitive environment
  • Evaluate competitors’ strategies and their implementation

Overall Business Acumen

  • Experience the impact each part of the business has on every other part
  • Analyze and react to external market demands
  • Interpret financial statements and market data, draw intelligence from raw numbers
  • Practice at operating outside of a “silo” mind set

Competence in Financial skills

  • Read and understand balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements
  • Use the information to improve business decision making
  • Discover what the key financial ratios indicate about the client’s business as well as competitors’ businesses

Awareness of cross-functional alignment

  • Set and adhere to goals, ground rules and team processes
  • Practice decision-making as a team across all key areas of a business
  • Understand the importance of cross-functional alignment
  • Become mutually accountable for decisions
  • Manage conflict

Communication in the language of Business

Capstone provides the rare opportunity to experience running a complete business, with the benefit of reports that show clear correlations between management decisions and outcomes. Faced with a full range of strategy-based decision-making options, participants have the opportunity to try new tactics, test unfamiliar strategic paradigms and take risks in a risk-free environment.

People learn by mistakes – but mistakes in business are expensive. Capsim business simulations provide opportunities to try and fail and receive instant feedback over and over again, without the risk. A challenging scenario, time pressures, trade-offs and the constant demands of customers, investors and intense competition ensure our simulations–whether for training or testing purposes – provide an accurate picture of your participants’ strengths, weaknesses and development opportunities.

Using a Simulation based program that drives Experiential learning, this is a strategy workshop designed for Senior and Middle managers. It is delivered by faculty with decades of industry experience.

The workshop provides rich, complex business simulation designed to teach strategy, as well as advanced business finance, cross functional alignment, competitive analysis and the selection of tactics to build a successful, focused organization. Participants face a complex and rapidly evolving scenario in which business acumen is tested and developed through modeling, analysis and strategic planning.

Participants run a $100 million company for five to eight years. At the beginning of the simulation their company is unfocused and performing poorly. It is trying to support five products in very different market segments and faces increasing customer demands. There is immediate pressure for the management team to develop a strategy and implement it thoroughly with every decision.

Each simulated year decisions are required in Research and Development, Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Production. In later rounds, Labor Negotiation, Advanced Marketing and Total Quality Management modules are added to continue building complexity and the opportunity for competitive advantage. Each management team selects the benchmarks that will best reflect their strategic goals from Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Investment (ROI), Market Capitalization, Market Share (in Dollars), Cumulative Profit, Return on Assets (ROA), Asset Turnover and Stock Price.

The essence of the Capstone business simulation experience is to choose a strategy and implement it with total focus. It sounds simple, but execution is tough in a constantly changing marketplace, with savvy competitors, customers demanding cheaper, better products, five different market segments, and the challenges of team decision making. Decisions are made in a time constrained, high pressure environment, often with a team of people participants have not worked with before. The seminar mirrors, as closely as possible, the experience of being part of a senior management team in a highly competitive business.

Capstone simulates all aspects of management: strategy & tactics, policy, production, accounting, marketing, finance, quality control, human resources, leadership and teamwork – providing a complete immersion experience in the complexities of running a business.

The program focuses on hard business skills required in today’s competitive world supplemented by the soft skills of Leadership and Communication in the language of Business.

Program Structure - The workshop will be conducted over 5 days, the 14 - 18th July 2013. Participants will be grouped in teams of 4-6 members, with each team forming one company in a virtual environment.

Investment: Regular fee of AED. 6500.00

BNI discount AED. 1,300/- 20% and Early Bird - Pay & Register by 4th July and avail 5 % off.

   Holiday Inn Hotel Bur Dubai
   Dubai 1
   United Arab Emirates

   Sunday July 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM EDT
   Thursday July 18, 2013 at 10:00 PM EDT

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Program Anchor


is the founder of Motivaluate Consulting & Training FZ LLC. He is a Certified Public Accountant (USA) and Chartered Accountant (India) with over 25 years of practical experience in finance, accounting,budgeting, treasury and audit. Shridhar works with individuals, business owners and organizations to help them achieve financial leadership and excellence by “Inspiring the Bottom Line through Better Business Decisions” through practical ideas on business acumen, financial tools, and leadership and communication skills training. Before setting up Motivaluate, Shridhar was the Eastern Hemisphere Regional Financial Controller of Borets International - a multinational oil and gas service organization. Prior to that, he held various positions in operational finance and treasury with Baker Hughes for over 10 years. During his career he has worked in the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan and South East Asia. He is an energetic and dynamic professional keynote speaker, and a trainer in the areas of business acumen, financial skills, leadership and communications. His passion for speaking and his electrifying personality are legendary.


“I really thank you in person as I could bridge lot of gap which I was experiencing earlier while delivering the complete businessresults. My knowledge was focused on a particular segment of business earlier and now I feel a completness after your workshop. - Iwill work on thisstrength continuously and Thanks a lot once again. Also I would like to thank my Management to provide me suchgreat opportunity which will surely add value to our operations” Pradeep Kumar, Parts Manager, Al Mulla Group, Kuwait.

“Al Mulla Group, Kuwaithad 3 full day program (8-10/11/2012) conducted by Shridhar on the topic Strategic Initiatives & BusinessAcumen participated by 30 Members . It was very thought provoking cutting across all segments of business and was really fantastic.The way Shridhar conducted this program was excellent. The simulation technique helps to emphasize the areas that requires constantimprovement from the existing level. I strongly recommend that every organization should conduct similar programs to all theFunctional Managers to get the benefit. I wish him all the very best and looking forward for more interesting topics. God Bless!!!”Raghu Vedhamoorthy, Financial Controller, Al Mulla Group, Kuwait.

“Had a tense but exciting, exhilarating, enjoyable, entrepreneurial experience filled three days at Strategic Decision Making Workshopconducted by Dubai based Motivaluate Consulting & Training FZ LLC exclusively for Al Mulla Group senior employees. Hatsoff to Shridhar Sampath!!, Whom I had trained as a senior more than 25 years back during my CA days. Seeing how well he hasgrown up in the past 25 years, I feel very proud that I sowed the seeds of his brilliance with my assignment of adding the telephonenumbers in the Telephone Directory” Ramanujam Sathyamurthy, Al Mulla Group, Kuwait

“The feedback I received from almost all the participants was substantially morethan I anticipated. Most participants approached me on their own to let me know how happy they were to go through this program. In particular they commended the presentation style and substance. I am happy that Lonestar senior managers involved directly with the business were exposed to the bench-top exercises in makingreal time business decisions. Of course a good amount of this credit goes to you formaking it happen”. Syed S. Hussaini, General Manager, Lonestar.

“Overall a very good program – I understood the basic concepts of how to finance, how to run a company financially sound with budgetmanagement and cost cutting – Shridhar’s style was very enjoyable – I recommend it for executives working in today’s competitiveworld” V. Jayamohan, Galfar al Misnad.

“Shridhar’s Financial Leadership & Excellence program was Interactive, Interesting and enjoyable. Appropriate course content ensurethat it was enjoyable and I got a lot of value from it. In short It was a very excellent, stimulating program done in two days time.” Ravindran, Project Manager Galfar Al Misnad.

“Shridhar is an excellent communicator. He is a master at developing an impactful presentation and delivering it with a punch. Icommend him to anyone that is looking for a dynamic and energetic presenter or a mentor for improving communication skills in anyorganization.” Ron Deville, Operations Support Team Leader, Petrofac.


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